Why working with a health coach?

Health coach is a wellness professional who helps you implement sustainable lifestyle and nutritional changes.

We live in a world filled with information, constantly bombarded with images, news, stories.

It’s extremely easy to have access to knowledge and the latest research. However knowledge alone is not enough to change behaviour even with strongest willpower and best intentions.

Yes you do need information to make a change but you also need tools, support and accountability in that process to make a long term transformation.

Change can be very scary and intimidating. My role as a health coach is to keep you focused on your goals, help you prioritize, cheer you on and be your accountability partner.

I help you streamline all of the confusing and sometimes conflicting nutritional and wellness information out there.

I want to empower you to be an advocate for your own health and to find out what works for you. I cant wait to see how you can transform your health and live your best, happy, fulfilling life.

Health coaching programs

6 Months Program:

2 60min sessions a month-online or in- person

unlimited support in between sessions

personalized program tailored to your unique health goals

holistic approach to health and wellness

optimize your diet and lifestyle- based on your bio individuality

balance and support all the elements of holistic health: stress management, sleep quality, physical exercise, relationships, emotions, environmental influences.

importance of self care

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

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